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SERBIA 13-04-2022 / BELGRADE

  • STARTUP competition
  • INNOVATION key driver

Education has always been a WMF cornerstone. Every WMF Event features several training sessions to enhance the sharing of knowledge on innovation, digital topics, accessibility, sustainability and much more.

Also, the WMF International Roadshow aims at fostering cooperation, boosting digital knowledge and contributing to the Digital and Social Innovation sector.

The International Roadshow Event in Serbia will feature a pre-eminent lineup of speakers that will inspire the audience sharing their professional experience and/or successful case studies, to drive the future together and promote digital education.

If you, like us, want to inspire, educate and deliver meaningful contents to our attendees, become a Speaker for the WMF International Roadshow Event in Serbia! 

The call for Speakers is now open. You can apply by filling the form below.

NB: Speeches must be educational, they cannot be promotional and cannot be presented at other events. For any further information, please contact us at or call +39 051 0951294.

Serbia 13-04-2022 / Belgrade
WMF International Roadshow
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